Our approach at PMC is to combine earned, owned, shared, and paid media for our clients who are seeking truly integrated marketing services. These pieces work so well together but are oftentimes siloed for whatever reason – maybe the client had an experience that they didn’t feel provided significant ROI, or maybe the firm isn’t fluent in all forms of media. 

Agencies and clients that focus strictly on the earned media space are missing out on valuable tactics by ignoring the paid space. For brand awareness especially, the paid space is a powerful tool to integrate with your earned, owned, and shared media strategies.  

We’ve worked with several clients who had a goal to boost their brand awareness, and I always recommend incorporating a bit of paid media into the mix. This can come in the form of paid SEO or social ads, or something more traditional like a billboard or radio advertising.  

Repetitive exposure creates memorable messages, and seeing those messages across multiple platforms ignites recognition. If you want to grow your brand recognition, don’t ignore the paid space. 

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