The Value of Media Training

If your company leadership hasn’t been formally media trained in the past two years, consider a refresher course. The way we communicate with the media changes, as does the way the media communicates with the public. Your spokespeople should stay apprised of how to weave your company’s key message points into each interview opportunity, and how to navigate the unexpected and difficult questions. 

This is what you can expect when you participate in our media training exercise: 

  • Cold interview: With no preparation, we put each training participant on camera for a series of basic interview questions 
  • Group evaluation: Our team, along with your peer participants, provides feedback on the cold interview. 
  • “Rules of the Road” presentation: We will present media interview techniques and go in-depth on strategies for navigating unwanted questions 
  • Interview scenario: Each participant will be given a media interview scenario specific to their business and will be provided with worksheets to help them prepare 
  • Second interview: Using the knowledge from the “Rules of the Road” session and preparation worksheets, we conduct a second on-camera interview 
  • Final evaluation: Our team, along with your peer participants, provides feedback on the second interview 

It’s easy to dismiss media training as something you don’t have time for, or something you don’t need because you’re comfortable talking about your business. However, every media opportunity should be seen as a way to share your company’s marketing messages. Make sure no interview opportunity is wasted. 

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